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Housing Studies


Bachelor of Science Degree in Housing Studies


Effective Fall 2015, the College of Design is not admitting new students to the Housing Studies Major.


The Housing Studies program teaches students about shelter and its multiple dimensions, focusing on skills that will allow students to contribute to the housing field. Coursework in the program includes the social and behavioral sciences, public policy, planning, economics, and technology. Students select one of four broad areas of concentration: community development and policy, housing technology, management and finance, or special populations. An internship is required for the student to work in a setting at which they will gain professional housing experience before graduating.


Housing and Community Development Minor (formerly Housing Studies)


Applications still accepted.


The Housing and Community Development minor allows students to study shelter in its multiple dimensions.  Coursework in the program includes social and behavioral sciences, economics, public policy, planning, design,and technology..

Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate in Housing Studies


Applications still accepted.


The Housing Studies Certificate Program is designed for professionals who have completed a four-year college degree and are interested in gaining further knowledge about housing-related issues. Students are admitted year round to the Certificate program.


Graduate Degrees with an emphasis in Housing Studies


Applications still accepted.


Master of Science - Master of Arts - Doctorate of Philosophy


Graduate study in the Housing Studies emphasis of the graduate program in Design advances both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field. Course offerings emphasize human needs and behavior, policy and community development, analysis of designed environments, and housing for special populations. Students are prepared to assist people in their shelter-related problems through research. A graduate degree in Housing Studies will expand your knowledge of housing-related issues. This multidisciplinary program draws from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Students are trained in a variety of research methodologies. Coursework and research experiences combine to further your understanding of innovative approaches to the development of housing policies and related programs. Upon completion of the graduate degree, students seek housing careers in state and federal agencies, nonprofit community organizations, housing regulation, and higher education.