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HSG 2463 Housing & Community Development

This class explores the links between housing and community development. The focus is on the process of residential neighborhood change and impact of housing on neighborhood conditions. We consider theories of residential change, trends in residential development and ideas of community building. Private sector, community-based and governmental efforts at neighborhood revitalization and their effectiveness will be studied. Related issues such as racial discrimination and residential segregation, gentrification and the displacement of low-income residents will be included. In order to see how the course concepts are applied, students work in teams and access housing and community development in a specific Twin Cities neighborhood


HSG 8467 Theoretical Perspectives in Housing Studies

In this course we will focus on the investigation and evaluation of theories applied to the study of housing.  The theoretical perspectives will be examined from various levels of analysis ranging from an individual psychological viewpoint such as “meaning of home” to the macro or global perspectives such as comparative world views.  The course emphases the role of people in place, thus we draw on work that looks at human behavior in the built environment, design preferences, and residential satisfaction along with discourse, social conflict and the social construction of meaning.  Overall we will develop critical analytical thinking as theories—and their usefulness—are examined.

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When the World Calls

Blog by student Sadie Rose about her travels in the Makumira Village in Tanzania.


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