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 Housing Studies

Housing Studies Course Syllabi

Below you will find course syllabus for some courses offered in the Housing Studies Program. The course syllabus may not be the official one, but is meant to provide an indication of course content and structure. Contact the instructor for the official syllabus. The course syllabus is posted at the discretion of the instructor.


Des 1905 Freshman Seminar: The Big House-Prisons as Housing

Hsg 2401 Introduction to Housing

Hsg 2463 Housing and Community Development

Hsg 4196 Internship

Hsg 3482 Sustainable Housing Comm., Environment and Tech (Seavey) Spring 2014

Hsg 4461 Housing Development and Management (Yust) Spring 2014

Hsg 4467W/5467 Housing and the Social Environment

Hsg 5463 Housing Policy (Goetz) Spring 2014

Hsg 5464 Understanding Housing: Assessment and Analysis (Deegan) Spring 2014

Hsg 5484 Rural Housing Issues

Hsg 8467 Theoretical Perspectives in Housing